Our awesome features

Home grown Solutions

Local tech solves local problems

The top media platforms that dominate our lives are owned by entities who do not prioritise our local issues. e.g Company validation, payment authorisations etc all take time and can be frustrating

Costs for online data platforms can be prohibitive for our local businesses. e.g DukaBrain charges ksh 1 for bulk SMS whereas Twilo charges ksh 21 for the same

Our customers use platforms differently. Most lead gen or data platforms focus on email whereas we are much more of a WhatsApp/SMS culture. DukaBrain seamlessly bridges data wherever your customers are

DukaBrain solves all these issues by providing a platform that was built with your business and customers in mind. Our work-flows have been optimised using local customer knowledge. this is why our data enhances the performance of all advertising platforms

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Our awesome features

Harness your data

You're only as strong as your last data set

DukaBrain puts your data to work! Upload previous customer data, target customers and other offline data and DukaBrain will find these customers online

Connect all your social media accounts to pull user data like messages, sales, comments into DukaBrain

Collect data from web forms or from customer surveys as well as external sources via our API

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Our awesome features

Distribute the Data

Lonely data is useless data

Data sat in silos has no use. Duka Brain automatically sends your data to the relevant platform where it can be actioned. e.g CRM, Facebook, Google, Email, SMS, WhatsApp

e.g. A user doesn't complete a sale. Their information is passed to your CRM system for follow up by the sales team. The same is sent back to Facebook/Instagram where the user is shown ads featuring products from their abandoned cart

Our Keywords feature focuses your advertising spend on the keywords and audiences relevant to your business. This data is shared automatically across Facebook, Google etc to build micro audiences. E.g Customers who respond to your ads, get added to an 'audience' which means they will only be targeted with relevant ads from your product suite

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